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*Latest updates: May 2009 Greece, April 2009 Bristol & Salisbury (Southwest England).

About This Site:

Welcome to City Review. The main function of this site is to display reviews of all the cities and towns that I have visited around Europe and further afield during my past travels. My hope is that it may prove useful to fellow travellers looking to plan their own trips. To access the reviews simply use the row of links across the top of the page.

Ratings System Explained:

Ratings are given from 1-10. It must be stated that the reviews are biased toward my own personal preferences. When I travel my interests are generally sightseeing, history and culture. Therefore I have very different preferences to someone who might be more interested in good restaurants, clubbing or shopping. Usually I prefer cities or towns with a historic quarter, as opposed to ones where everywhere feels very modern. In my ratings I also take into account expenses and value for money. Where appropriate I may also include available day-trips and excursions, but generally only to sites that are fairly close by.

Looking at the website you may be wondering about the somewhat dated design features... Well the reason is that many years ago I built the whole thing from scratch using just html code. Once it had aquired a certain amount of content it was just easier to keep on adding new bits in the same format. With regard to the photos on the site the majority of the pictures taken are my own holiday snaps though in a few instances I have had to 'borrow' from elsewhere. ;-)